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Welcome to Atwater Designs



A cyanotype is a print made using a combination of ammonium iron citrate and potassium ferricyanide. When combined, these chemicals become sensitive to UV light. This combination of chemicals was one of the earliest ways of producing a photograph.   



Every Atwater Designs cyanotype is created using real, found objects from nature. Original prints are just as much a record of moments past (long walks and lands traveled) as they are beautiful objects sure to make a statement in your home. 



At Atwater Designs I believe in clean, simple, beautiful work. I create all limited edition fine art prints from original works - digitized in order to bring you multiples of the same beautiful blue images in the form of prints & greeting cards. 


I have loved the outdoors for as long as I can remember and relish the opportunity to take long walks (usually with Tallie) to collect specimens that I can record using the cyanotype process. Although I find pieces of nature all over the world (often bringing them back in my suitcase) I also enjoy the yearly recording of plants from my small back yard garden. My hope is that my work will bring a bit of the outdoors in.