Gifts from the Peacocks no. 3 - FRAMED

Gifts from the Peacocks no. 3 - FRAMED


This ORIGINAL, one-of-a-kind cyanotype is 11”x17”. The complete size of the work with the frame is 14”x20”

This cyanotype was created on thick printmaking paper and comes with the blue extending all the way to the edge.

This original work comes FRAMED in a double glass frame with hand-done grommets and leather strap. Leather is sourced from a local, vegetable tannery in PA.

This summer it rained and rained. Sunlight was hard to come by, so when the sun did emerge from behind the clouds, I’d chase it down so that I could capture its rays in my work. Cyanotypes are a marvelous combination of light, air, and clouds, making each one a visual poem of the moment captured, that can never be duplicated again. I found it only appropriate that when my husband and I went to photograph my work for the website we found ourselves chasing the 4pm autumn-sun before it fell below the horizon.

Here’s to chasing the thing you love and the moment you might get when it all feels right.

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