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Wild + Free

THE summer collection of queen Anne’s Lace

What is summer without driving down the road seeing patches of white stardust blowing in the hot breeze? Queen Anne’s Lace has surrounded my life since childhood and makes one of the most detailed images for cyanotypes. I have loved creating this collection just about as much as I love seeing a field of white along the roadside.


Bringing nature into your life

and peace into your homE

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A cyanotype is a photographic process founded in 1842 by Sir John Herschel mainly as a way of reproducing documents known as blueprints. A year or two later, Anna Atkins, famously used cyanotypes to document actual plants as a way of recording scientific specimens. Because of the mix of chemicals, the result is always blue and white!


Giving Back

Every part of my process is dependent on the beauty that is our natural world. I marvel at how this planet gives life to so much and I often stand in awe of a moving stream or ray of light through the trees. For this reason, Atwater Designs gives a portion of its proceeds right back to land and water conservation in Southeastern Pennsylvania.


Meet Sarah

Sarah is an artist, an avid gardener, a naturalist, and a photography teacher. She is a wife and lover of her two pets and has been studying Photography, Printmaking and Book Arts for over 15 years. Sarah founded Atwater Designs in 2017 in an effort to bring the most-inspiring specimens in nature into the lives of her followers.

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Better together

I’m so grateful to have collaborated with so many fabulous brands and makers. These are just a few: