The Start of a Shop

Here we are. It's real. The shop is live, my instagram has been updated, and I am about to send a ton of emails to friends and family. It takes A LOT to get a business going. It takes time and friends and people who are willing to be patient and kind and help you along the way. In this day of the internet, I find that a lot of those friends are people that I have found on instagram. I looked at their sites, started following along with them on their journeys and in the process I have taken away valuable lessons. I would not have been able to do this without their help (they don't even know that they helped me!) 

Something I have been keenly aware of in finally starting a real art business (not the many, many side businesses that I attempted after college and the years that followed) is just how much inspiration I gather on a daily basis from everything around me. From documentaries to podcasts, to artists and makers on instagram to my daily walks in the great outdoors with Tallie - I would not be here, at the start of this, without them! So I wanted to take this moment to give thanks for all of those people out there and the beautiful natural world around me for helping to feed and fuel me. I will make a point in this blog to name those people and things that have helped me to get off the ground and always give credit where credit is due. 

But in the meantime I thought I'd put in some of my images from the past month showing the various things I've been doing as I start this puppy up and that make this beautiful life so full and complete - notice a lot of nature, animals and hot drinks! 

Thanks for reading. Until next week ... xoxo Sarah

Sarah Bourne RaffertyComment