Wild + Free no. 11

Wild + Free no. 11


What is summer without Queen Anne’s Lace!?

This original, one-of-a-kind cyanotype was created on thick printmaking paper in the heart of the summer sun! It measures 20” x 26”. The blue on this piece extends all the way to the edge, making the deckled edge rich prussian blue.

This piece comes UNFRAMED. In this photo the cyanotype measures 20” x 26” and appears in a standard 22” x 28” white frame that can be found at most art stores including A.C. Moore and Michaels. You can see here that the piece is not matted, which I highly recommend to give the eye breathing room. These pieces look especially lovely float mounted (tell your local framer!)

Because these originals are non-standard sizes in order to compliment the leggy nature of the Queen Anne’s Lace plant, I highly recommend taking your piece to one of the stores mentioned above and finding the closet frame possible or, better yet, getting your piece custom framed at your local frame shop or through an online framing service called Framebridge. Their website is extremely easy to use with free shipping to and from their facility!

All of my original cyanotypes are stamped on the back with information about the artwork as well as signed and dated on the front.

This piece will be shipped in a tube.

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