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Sarah Bourne Rafferty is the artist/owner of Atwater Designs. With the help of her loving husband, John; adorable cat, Tigger; and snuggly pup, Tallie she creates work inspired by the great outdoors.

Meet the team below:


Sarah (Atwater) Bourne Rafferty

Sarah has been a maker for as long as she can remember. She was always busy with paint and paper as a child. She loved to collect pens from various places around the house. Her Dad taught her everything she knows about plants and gardening which led to a deep appreciation for the natural world. Sarah loves the color blue and she doesn't care much for olives. When she is not in the studio she can be found at her day-job teaching photography full-time at an all-girls school, running, or drinking coffee in her backyard.

(Atwater was Sarah’s middle name before getting married. It was her mother’s maiden name and one that is deeply important to her, both because it represents her mother’s half and also because of the rich importance water has played in the life of her family.)

Photo: John Rafferty


Tigger (or lovingly referred to as "The Tig")

Tigger's loving support can be felt on studio days! He always manages to get involved in the most helpful ways like taking residence on top of a pile of my finished cyanotypes and chasing butterflies while I try to work in the backyard. Tigger loves a good sunny spot and eating turkey breast cold cuts. He does not care for Tallie's interest in him when he is taking his much needed 4th nap of the day. When not in the studio, The Tig can be found hunting mice in the basement to keep things safe for us humans. 

Photo: Parikha Mehta


Tallie (our lab/hound mix)

Tallie is not the most helpful in the studio but what she can't do with cyanotype chemicals and plants she makes up for in snuggles. Tallie loves to jump high and eat just about anything - we credit her kennel days and being the runt of the litter. She doesn't care much for lack of treats and people on roller skates or skate boards. When she's not in the studio she can be found out on the trail with her best humans, Sarah and John. 

Photo: Parikha Mehta